Did you know that most chronic health conditions can be reversed or controlled naturally!

You may be discouraged going doctor to doctor trying to find out why you are sick, finding that drugs only mask your symptoms while allowing your health problems to continue. Using comprehensive methods, The Scarbrough Clinic determines the underlying causes of your health problems through careful examination and modern testing procedures. We pinpoint the steps needed to resolve your health problems now and protect your health for the future.

After 18 years of practice, I practice a lot differently now...

In 2012, I started working on my Board Certification in Functional Neurology through the Carrick Institute. They have solved neurological based problems for Wounded Warriors, celebrities such as Glenn Beck, pro athletes like Sidney Crosby, and ordinary everyday people like you and I. To see more about this amazing field in a piece that Nightline did, click here.

And what I was reminded during my studies with the Carrick Institute, is that EVERYTHING IN YOUR BODY IS CONNECTED AND DEPENDENT ON ONE ANOTHER!

If there is a break in the "chain of command", then someone or something doesn't get its marching orders.

Brain...Nerves...Blood...Hormones...Immune System...everything matters. And an unhealthy brain causes unbalanced hormones as well as immune system function and the cycle begins all over again. UNLESS, something is done about it.

For instance, to function and be healthy, your brain has to have two things:

1. Activation - How we exercise and stimulate our brain

2. Fuel (Oxygen & Glucose) - What we eat, drink, and breathe

So, now I really do look at the whole person. Of course I’m going to look at your main symptoms and complaints. I learned years ago that getting focused too heavily on symptoms or a "labels", will make you miss the overall picture.

That’s why I’m going examine you in a detailed and systematic manner, leaving no stone unturned.

It doesn’t matter what kind of chronic illness you have.

I will examine you by 4 different means:
1. Historically by looking at your past and what you've tried. Whether things have or haven't worked, it all tells us something to put the puzzle together.

2. Neurologically by looking at the function and health of the brain and your nervous system.
3. Physically by assessing your skin, hair, eyes, and anything else needed.
4. Chemically by looking at your blood...nutrition, hormones, immune system, vitamin and even mineral deficiencies.
This is how I get the results when you've not gotten help elsewhere.

We are not a medical clinic nor are we simply another "alternative type clinic" with a variety of "natural remedies".

So, I don’t care what "label" your problem has been given or even if it has a "label" or name. I don’t care what diagnosis you've been given or what your doctors are telling you or what medications you have taken in the past or even currently taking. My goal is to get you healthy enough that you won't need the medications…if you're looking for a doctor that works with you, then this is the clinic for you.

Dr. Tad Scarbrough, Chiropractic Neurologist

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Whether its a failed back surgery, severe knee pain, plantar fasciitis, headaches, or a myriad of other chronic conditions

This is the place where you get results!


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